MSN Music Demo

MSN Music Demo

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This handout is online at

1. Access MSN Music Two Ways

Via your browser at

or, via Windows Media Player

2. Use the Search box to find performers, song titles or albums.

3. Listen to 30 second samples of the music before you decide to buy.

4. After you click the "Buy $.99" button you'll be prompted to install MSN Music Assistant, if it isn't already installed. It's a small program, but installation may be a little tricky if you have Windows XP SP2 installed, due to security issues. Follow on-screen instructions.

5. After you select a song to purchase you'll be prompted to open an MSN Music account, unless you already have one. Login with your email address and password that you selected.

6. Downloaded music goes into your My Music folder and into separate Artist and Album sub folders. You can access your downloaded music with either Windows Explorer, My Computer or Windows Media Player.

7. If you wish to create a custom audio CD open Windows Media Player, select the Artist and Album in the left column of the Library screen. Then drag any individual songs that you want on the custom audio CD over to the right column, which is the Burn List. At the bottom of the Burn List column the Total Play Time of the songs you select will be shown. You can get up to 70 or 80 minutes of play time, if you wish.

8. After your burn list is complete just Insert a blank CD, click the Start Burn button, and the burn process will begin. Your custom audio CD will be automatically ejected from the CD burner when complete.

9. If you don't have Windows Media Player 10 go to for instructions on how to get and use it.

10. You can also create custom audio CDs directly from the My Music folders. Look for the "Copy to audio CD" link on the left side of the screen under Music Tasks. When you click that link all the songs in the folder will be added to the Burn List of your Windows Media Player. You can add other songs to the burn list or remove ones that are there before actually burning the CD.

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